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new apartment HELP

Hi, am new to this community but had some successes using feng shui to tweak my last apartment.  Now I am moving and need some advice on the new bagua.  Note about me, I have always been open to spirituality but was never really into Eastern philosophies and traditions (except maybe if you count the "fortune cookie" which you really can't because it was invented in California).
Last year, I had to move lickety-split to a new city for a very last-minute job.  This meant leaving my boyfriend and friends 3 hours away.  He and I were on the verge of breaking up anyway so leaving was a little bit of a break for me.  But I was very lonely and had huge trouble making friends amongst my colleagues at the new job.  Things did get better between me and the boyfriend though (enough so that he finally proposed after 5 years).  While doing some psychotherapy, I also looked into FS to maybe adjust my living space and found out some interesting things.

My bed was smack in the middle of the relationship/love/marriage gua on my apartment bagua.  Perhaps this is why my relationship was healing itself.  My entryway, in the career center, was disorganized, and possibly leading to my huge anxiety issues (and near panick attacks) when it came to work.  My bathroom was in the travel/helpful people section. I had dead plants in the center of my apartment.  I was feeling lonely and worried about work.  I had lots of car troubles when going back home to visit everyone.  I had trouble making friends.  I was going to therapy for anxiety.  I did some adjustments suggested by a site I found on the internet and some things got better - especially the work issues.  I de-cluttered the entry, put up a black framed mirror directly across from the door and made sure to do some daily affirmations before heading out the door each morning (not to mention it's nice to see yourself coming and going looking professional for work).  

Mind over matter may have had much to do with it, but I will accept any positive forces that affected my life.

Things didn't totally work out and I am moving back to my home-town.  I didn't have much choice over the apartment I'm moving to.  My grandmother helped me find it, and I like the community very much, but it was the price I couldn't pass up. My fiance will move in to this apartment after we're married in March (I'm locked into a year lease).

While I'm cleaning up the old apartment and getting ready to turn it over to the landlord, I thought about how FS helped me while living there and how it might help in the new place.  The new bagua map will place my relationship/love/marriage section right in the bathroom and a linen closet.  Blah.  How can I fix this?  I already don't like the bathroom.  The fan is VERY loud, the AC condensation pipe drips into this room, and it is the ONLY room in the whole apartment that has no windows or the fantastic light I get from a northern exposure (the view out of my windows is a lawn area surrounded by the other apartments with liquid amber tress that are just starting to turn colors for the autumn - ahhhh).  Remember, this is an apartment and I therefore cannot make major structural changes.

Any ideas for fixing the bad bathroom situation? 
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