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new fengshui alternatives...

...due to the disappointingly repeated habit here of people picking on each others' views in replies about 'this school is no good' or 'this one is the only real one' etc., and not offering actual help, I started two new communities where people could focus on their own areas of interest: popularfengshui and oldfengshui. I was offered the chance to take over this group, but it seems so unproductive the last year or so that I feel these new ones might have more focus and good feeling. Obviously, people are interested in the subject in order to benefit themselves and others, and I really find it unhelpful to just tell people they're somehow wrong when they are simply trying to learn, and it was disappointing to see that happen too often in replies over the last year or more...

So, feel free to join either or both, and know that condemning either view will not be tolerated in these new groups. I know people who have had great success with both schools, and so I think it's just a preference thing, as opposed to a 'this one is terrible' versus 'this view is supreme' sort of thing...thanks!
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