Zac (zephret) wrote in fungshway,

A little advice...?

I was just wondering if anyone is able to give me some advice.

The problem is, the feng shui of this room is terribly wrong and I'm suffering in a lot of areas in my life because of it.

The first thing I plan to do is move the bed along the top wall, rather than facing the door as it is now (which is supposed to be bad positioning) and I want to move the computer desk either down into the south east corner (bottom right) or against the middle of the south west wall (middle left). I do like having my computer in the creativity gua though.

Any advice on anything else I should do? It's a very tiny room as you can see, and I really want to fix it up according to feng shui principles.

By the way, the element I was born under is earth (and the time of the day I was worn was under metal). My birthdate is the 21st March 1989.

Thanks for your help!
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