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update on apt fix

Thanks silvertipwings for suggesting I look at setting up the BaGua for my new apartment by the direction it faces/sits rather than where the front door is located.  I found out some interesting things.

1. My apartment is situated almost exactly the same way whether you set it up by direction or door placement.  I have a Li house, faces north, sits south.  Almost all the different situations on the BaGua correspond to the situations placed by front door placement.  Oh well. instead of love/relationships in my bathroom it becomes heavenly doctor.  There will be much adjusting in the bathroom to protect the chi.

2. My apartment is ideal for my personal kua (this was something I only figured out today during my researching) from my birth.  My four most auspicious placements for my life are the same for the directional facing of my new home.  This can be very great, except my fiance is a western facing kua while I'm eastern.  So we are opposed in all our auspicious rooms of the apartment.  Again, much chi adjusting will be done to suit this.  

3. Interestingly enough, my kua and apartment are also auspicious with my place in my family.  I am the eldest daughter and am therefore suited in the southeast.

Perhaps letting it be might be what's needed but a little pre-emptive work couldn't hurt (stitch in time, ounce of prevention, and all that).

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