kiki (beyond_pale) wrote in fungshway,

Hi. I'm not looking to change my life or become a feng shui master, but the guidelines; particularly concerning clutter (my worst enemy!) and the idea of creating areas dedicated to life aspects (since I am bad at keeping grounded in certain areas of my life, and tend to overcompartmentalise) really appeal to me.

That said, I'm moving into a new apartment, and was hoping to draw something from this practice of establishing my self in a space that is all mine (it is my first time I will ever be living alone, without roommates or family or in a dorm room single...yeay my own bathroom!).

The layout of my apartment is quite strange, though, and I'm having a really hard time because of the placement of my front door. I am sort of excited that, if I only arrange the bedroom according to these principles, my rough idea put my desk in the career area, my bookshelves in knowledge, and my bed in love.

there is a "window"-ish opening in the wall between the living room and kitchen, and the bedroom is in the corner of the building, with windows on two walls. The window opposite the bedroom door leads out onto the fire escape. It's in an apartment building, and I believe the entry to the apt. is in rough alignment to the building entrance (you enter both doors from the west, I think).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. There is also a small alcove directly opposite the front door before the hallway makes that horrible sharp turn. It's about four inches deep, maybe a foot-and-a-half square, three or four feet from the ground, like a tiny niche or shelve, too narrow for books, and serving no seeming purpose. It's the first thing anyone sees when they walk inside.
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