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Hi everyone, I'm new in this forum but have read through it and haven't found any answer to the problem I have. Maybe one of you can help me, my question concerns clutter - or what I consider clutter. My problem is acually stressing a relationship.

I live with my boyfriend and our three month old baby. We have recently bought our first home and I am finding this time appropriate to throw out a lot of things that we don't need. Things that aren't important enough for me to move, and that I don't really want in our new home.
Trouble is, I am finding it hard not to get rid of things that aren't mine. I get into a cleaning mood and really want to get rid of my boyfriend's old things - his ornaments and old books and things he has had since he was a teenager. I have told him this but most of it he does want to keep, even if I feel he wouldn't miss it if it was gone.

How can I deal with the things in my own house that cause me tension because I don't want them there. I am uncomfortable with just locking things away in a cupboard, as this is hardly good from a feng shui perspective. It has been to the point of me secretly throwing things out before...
Please help!
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If it's just a few boxes, I'd suggest tucking them neatly in the attic.. somewhere where you won't be running into them all the time and reacting negatively. I think throwing something away behind his back that he said he wanted to keep, however, would be much worse energy than a few boxes in the attic.
My solution was to get boxes and pack up the stuff you want to keep but don't necessarily want to look at every day put boxes in basement or closet , its like a temporally parting of ways but a safeguard in case you want to keep things and no clutter.