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Help with Kanji/Hanzi in South area...

I'm a total novice when it comes to feng shui, but I was hoping that I might stumble upon some wise advice.

I have two corkboards that I will be putting up on my south wall of my livingroom area. I plan to mask off appropriate kanji and spray paint the negative area black, letting the kanji show the natural tan of the cork.

I'm sure I could easily use something like 'happiness' or 'peace' but I do not know the subtleties of feng shui to be sure that would be the most beneficial to balance the area.

This is a typical apartment layout, with the livingroom and dining room open to each other, the kitchen coming off from the dining room, and a hallway leading back to the storage area, bedroom, and bathroom.

The main door opens to the livingroom and diningroom, from the east. The eastern wall for the livingroom has a golden fan with peacock and peahen on it. This is also where I sometimes place the serving tray for when I entertain guests while watching a movie or video game, if the tv is in the livingroom. The southern wall faces the parking lot and a hill with pine trees. This is where the patio door is, as well as where I am wanting to put the corkboards. The northern wall is within the dining area and has a white fan with peacock and peahen on it, as well as a baker's rack. The western wall is within the livingroom area and has a X-framed shelving unit with various knicknacks, including a miniature samurai helmet, as well as a fountain. To the right of this unit is a coffee table which sometimes props up a small tv (which normally stays in the bedroom. It can take away some of the ambiance of the room). Inbetween the unit and the coffeetable is a ceramic sculpture of the four directional gods on a mountain.

To note, I do sometimes toss my futon on the floor of this room and sleep in it (versus the bedroom), depending on my mood in sprawling out or not. :)
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