Heather A. Perry (heatherp8) wrote in fungshway,
Heather A. Perry

new member with questions

My husband and I are getting a new house built and I have some concerns about placement of certain rooms, etc. We have no input into the floor plan because it's coming to us through a grant -
(1) The bedroom is going to be in the Helpful People/Travel area and it's my understand that the colors for this area are black/white/gray. I wasn't real happy about this but - anyway - I suggested red accents and then learned that both red and black are no-no's for bedrooms.
(2) There will be both a door and a window in the Prosperity corner and I'm concerned about loss of chi here. (3) The foyer and the bathroom are both located in the career area. Supposedly color for that area is black but I'm really NOT thrilled about having a black bathroom. Ugh.
Do you have any suggestions for me?
I would appreciate your help so much because any/all practitioners I've contacted online all want to SELL me the information and since my husband is on disability and I only work part-time, we can't really afford to spend lots of $$ on this.
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